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Value of police payouts revealed

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A freedom of information request has revealed that the Bedfordshire Police Force paid out almost £46K in compensation to their staff between 2006 and 2011.

A female officer was awarded £10K after the back of her chair broke and caused her to hit her head. The incident happened in 2003, but the force took 4 years to pay the woman the compensation which she did not receive until 2007.

A second officer was awarded £5K after slipping on a wet patch in the station conveniences. The third incident involved a stair banister coming loose and causing an officer to fall down some stairs; the officer was awarded more than £7K compensation.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesperson commented that all work place accidents are considered by our insurers and one of their investigators will judge each incident on an individual basis.

These investigations can vary in the length of time they take to evaluate as evidence, information and statements all have to be collected before any decision can be made.

When payments are necessary, the money is taken from Bedfordshire Police’s insurance reserve fund, however if the claim is for more than £100K, our insurer will make the payment.

Other accidents include a burnt hand sustained on a training course, a knee injury received after an officer lost control of a vehicle he was driving and another officer who put his hand through a piece of glass.