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Police Dog Bite Victims Receive £770,000 Compensation Payouts

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A total of £770,000 has been paid out to victims of police dog bites in the past three years in the UK.  The Greater Manchester Police shelled out a total of £180,743 with one victim receiving almost £49,000.
After a Freedom of Information request was made by a BBC Radio 4 programme, 43 police forces provided a breakdown of their figures.

Statistics reveal that 2725 suspects were bitten together with 155 members of the public and 196 police staff. A total of eight police forces reported over 100 dog bites within the last three years.

The greatest number of dog attacks was recorded by the West Midlands Police.  Their figures totaled 644 incidents and £83,918 in compensation pay outs.  

Investigations found that Cheshire Police paid a total of £10,000 to a teenager who was bitten on his back.  The boy had a dog phobia.

According to the Assistant Chief Constable, police dogs are valuable resources which are essential when it comes to detecting and reducing crime levels.  When police dogs are used effectively, they contribute to make communities much safer.