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Online Directory Launched To Help Businesses Find Health and Safety Resources

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A new online directory has been launched by the government to help businesses find trustworthy health and safety consultants who can provide expert advice.  

In the UK, more than 1600 highly qualified consultants have signed up to the online OSHCR which is also known as the Occupational Safety and Health Register.  This directory has been created so employers can get extra support from trusted sources.  Its aim is to increase confidence in employers that they are receiving quality health advice should they need help from external sources.

But, before the consultants can sign up, they will need to prove that they have the requisite expertise and meet stringent eligibility criteria.  Each candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience, must hold a degree and belong to a professional body.  

Most of the businesses do not require help and advice from external sources and this directory has been launched for those businesses that are looking for extra support and that too from a reliable and trusted source.  

According to the Employment Minister, Chris Grayling, consultants who do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be included in the register so it is easier for businesses to access only reputable and reliable sources.

This register has been established by professional bodies which represent general occupational health consultants.