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NHS Negligence fund increased

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The NHS has received an extra £185m to assist in covering the high cost of medical negligence claims recently brought against them.

The organisation’s litigation authority, which assists in financing the cost of legal and compensation fees which are brought against the service by medical negligence victims will receive the money from Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary as a result of a large increase in claims being received.

Figures which have been published recently show that the amount of negligence compensation paid out in the last 10 years has almost trebled.

NHS managers are of the opinion that the steep increase in costs is due to the huge rise in claims relating to birth injuries and which involve costs to provide life-long care for the victims.

A Litigation Authority spokesperson said that about a hundred claims involving brain damage to new borns are made every year against the NHS; compensation pay-outs average at about £6m per child.

Lord Howe has commented that most NHS patients receive a high standard of care but when mistakes do occur, it’s only correct for compensation to be paid.