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Motorcycle Accident Victim Wins Fight Against Insurance Company To Keep Compensation

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A man who sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident has won the right to keep his £3.4million compensation after a court threw out the allegations made by the insurance company. Mark Noble had suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident through no fault in 1993. His injuries and multiple fractures had left him wheelchair bound.

Following the accident, the victim made a motorcycle accident compensation claim and was awarded £3.4million in compensation in 2008.

In the following months, he taught himself to walk for short periods. During this time, the insurance company, Direct Lane became suspicious and set up surveillance on him. A covert operation was launched in which Mr. Noble’s movements were monitored and videotaped by the insurance company. The company then froze £2.25million of the compensation award.

The insurance company appealed against the compensation award and the judge decided that the amount that was initially awarded could not be reduced. The judge declared that Mr. Noble had never lied about the extent of his injuries and it was due to his sheer determination that he was able to walk for short periods. Therefore, the amount of compensation awarded for his personal injury was deemed fair and just.