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HSE Institute new Asbestos awareness programme

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The HSE have joined with industry trainers to set an ambitious target of presenting thousands of hours of training to thousands of workers in an attempt to increase awareness of the dangers of asbestos throughout Britain.

Initial sessions of four thousand hours, were donated in September, the number is significant as it represents one hour’s training for every life which is lost due to an asbestos related illness during an average year. A second tranche of another four thousand hours has also been planned and this training will be carried out online.

A hugely gratifying and overwhelming response from trainers has meant that the original target has already been exceeded by over 50% and an additional four thousand people who are at risk due of an asbestos related disease due to their job will now have an opportunity to take part in the free training.

Slightly less than eight thousand hours of classroom training will take place, as well as more than five and half thousand online hours which have been offered. The courses will include some to be presented in Polish, Romanian and Russian; this will mean that a further four thousand tradesmen will also be able to participate.

The training, which is provided without charge will take place during October and November. It is aimed at those workers who are the most likely to encounter the dangerous asbestos fibres in their work place.

The training is specifically targeted at tradesmen such as plumbers, joiners and electricians, as on average around 20 of people working in these trades die each week as a result of an asbestos-related illness.

The training pledge forms part of a HSE campaign to increase everyone’s awareness that asbestos is very much a current as well as a historical problem, approximately 5000,000 commercial properties in Britain still have asbestos containing material in them.