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Colin Hendry blames his wife’s surgeon for her death

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Colin Hendry, former Scotland soccer star opens up about his wife Denise’s untimely death and blames her surgeon for it. Colin blames Dr. Gustaf Aniansson for his wife’s death as it was his liposuction surgery that gave her many years of painful poor health and ultimately took Denise Hendry’s life in 2009. The surgery took place at Broughton Park Hospital in Lancashire.

Dr. Aniansson continues to practice medicine in Sweden although coroner Jennifer Leeming gave detailed evidence against him to the court on Tuesday. Dr. Aniansson was aware of the case against him but never attended the court. A statement was released by him in which he explained that the operation was “uneventful”. She was taken to the intensive care unit after that operation.

Mr Hendry said: "I can't believe he is still working in this industry."

In 2003 a doctor complained about Aniansson to the British Medical Council for his unprofessional medical practice. After this Aniansson decided to stop practicing medicine in Britain. Colin calls Gustaf Aniansson “Reckless”

"It all started in 2002 when Gustaf Aniansson performed the liposuction surgery and completely ruined it" said Mr Hendry.

"The way he conducted the entire operation only showed his irresponsible and careless behaviour."

Mrs. Hendry’s death certificate states she died because of an inflammation in her brain as the blood in her head had clotted due to the insertion of a drain to release pressure, while meningitis was the main reasons for her death. She died as the bacteria had reached her brain. It started from her stomach initially and ended up in meningitis.

She battled for seven long years with her illness after this badly conducted liposuction operation by Dr. Aniansson. She had nine punctures in her bowel and died during one of the many operations that were conducted to overcome the harm done by her original liposuction surgery.

Colin Hendry added, "I'm disgusted, I'm sure his life is a good life. It concerns me that he is still practicing."

The court has heard how Denise Hendry who had four children with Colin Hendry had suffered immensely after Dr. Aniansson’s careless liposuction surgery on her. Denise underwent many surgeries to control the harmful effects inflicted during Aniansson’s operation. She died in July 2009 in a very risky 16 hour long operation that was carried out in Salford Royal Hospital.