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Baby On Board Stickers Responsible For One In Twenty Car Accidents

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New research has suggested that a large number of accidents have been caused due to ‘Baby on Board' stickers and other signs being positioned in car windows.

Although these stickers are designed to alert other drivers that a small child or a baby is in the car, encouraging them to drive carefully, they have been criticised by many as a distraction. One in twenty motorists believes that ‘Baby on Board’ stickers and signs are to blame for collisions because they obscure their view.

In a statement, the deputy chief executive of the charity Brake has said that these signs are useful in the event of car crashes as they alert emergency services that a baby or a small child may be involved. However, if the signs are used when a baby isn’t really in the vehicle at the time of the accident, then they can become a hindrance.

A poll conducted by Confused.com reveals that thirty seven percent of parents out of the two thousand being surveyed display these signs.  And out of these people, eighty percent believe that they help to improve safety.

The findings of the poll also indicated that forty six percent of parents use these stickers whether or not there is a child in the vehicle. Additionally, fifteen percent use them for novelty value and forty six percent consider them a hazard.

If parents want to display such signs, it is important that they put them in a position which does not interfere with their view. However, they must also ensure that they do not clutter up windows with lots of signs and stickers.

According to Robert Gifford, the executive director at PACTS, drivers will always look for something else to blame when accidents take place and therefore too many conclusions should not be drawn from the figures which have been reported.

According to him, motorists should be in charge of the vehicles at all times and it is their responsibility to ensure that their view is not obscured.