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Most Slips, trips and falls shouldn’t actually happen at all.

Businesses, councils and other organisations responsible for public spaces have a duty to make sure their land and their buildings are safe for visitors.  That means spillages should be cleaned up, obstacles should be removed and regular inspections should carried out to ensure areas are as safe as they can reasonably be.

Sadly this isn’t always the case. And if you have been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall, personalinjurylawyers.co.uk can help you claim compensation.

More often than not, a slip, trip or fall will lead to minor injuries such as small bruises and cuts.  However they can often lead to other serious injuries and even permanent disabilities. These include:

  • back injuries
  • facial injuries
  • head injuries
  • broken bones
  • fractures
  • herniated discs
  • neck injuries
  • inflamed tendons
  • spinal injuries
  • brain trauma
  • torn ligaments
  • concussions

Slip trip and fall injuries caused by negligence are one of the most common types of accidents in the UK. And claims can be made in many different circumstances including:

  • Uneven roads and pavements – usually it is the duty of the Local Council to maintain roads and pavements
  • Shops – businesses have the responsibility to ensure that their floors are free from any spillages which could cause a slip or trip.
  • Sports centers – have to ensure that customers are safe and free from any spills and hazardous objects.
  • Public and private places –are the responsibility of the occupier which means they have a duty to ensure that any visitors are safe.
  • Work places – your employer has a duty to ensure they maintain heath and safety standards

If you have had a slip, trip of fall in any of the above places then you may be entitled to compensation. Our local personal injury lawyers are experts in dealing with slip trip and fall accident claims, with years of experience in successfully settling compensation claims.

Claiming for a slip, trip or fall

Thanks to our local personal injury lawyers, this is normally a relatively straightforward process. Your local lawyer can make your claim as smooth and stress-free as possible, and they will make sure you receive full compensation for your slip, trip or fall and without delay.  

Because they work on a no win no fee basis you won’t ever have to pay any legal fees or costs if your claim is unsuccessful.

If you’re currently suffering as a result of fall, you can find out right now if you have a case for compensation. Simply find your local personal injury lawyer on our site and give them a call.