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It is your employer's duty to protect you from hazardous substances and hazardous situations whilst you are in work,

If they have exposed you to a harmful substance and you have developed an illness or disease, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Unfortunately in many circumstances people aren’t aware that they have been in contact with a harmful substance until many years later.

For example, people exposed to asbestos tend to remain healthy for 30 years or so, until the fibres they’ve inhaled begin to cause them health problems.

If you become ill as a result of your job, personalinjurylawyers.co.uk can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Our specialist local personal injury lawyers are sensitive and understanding, with extensive experience in this area. And they will make sure you receive an appropriate amount of compensation for your industrial disease claim.

In fact you will receive 100% of any compensation awarded as they don’t take one penny in legal costs – that’s covered by the insurance company of the losing side.  

They can advice you on all the ins and outs of making an industrial disease claim or an industrial illness claim and they can arrange for you to see a Specialist Consultant straightaway to assess your health and any necessary treatment.

What you can claim compensation for

An industrial disease could be one of many injuries, diseases or conditions received in the workplace that are normally caused over a period of time through exposure to harmful materials or defective work practices.

There are many different types of industrial disease you can claim compensation for. The most common of which include:
  • Lung disease caused by breathing in asbestos fibres
  • Lead poisoning
  • Repetitive strain injury – muscular or nerve injury caused by the continuous repetition of certain tasks
  • Industrial deafness - a hearing problem caused by exposure to excessive noise
  • Vibration white finger – nerve, joint or muscular injury caused by the use of vibrating machinery
  • Industrial dermatitis
  • Occupational asthma
  • Occupational stress
As soon as you become aware that you are suffering from an industrial disease it is important you take steps to ensure:
  • your employer is aware of your injury
  • you receive the correct medical treatment
  • you get the compensation you are legally entitled to
If your health has been affected by your work your local personal injury lawyer may be able to claim compensation for you. They aim to get you the maximum amount of compensation in a friendly and professional way.

Rated and reviewed by local people, just like you, your local personal injury lawyer will deal with your claim quickly and effectively, and they will make sure that you keep every penny of your compensation.