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About personalinjurylawyers.co.uk

We have put together an exciting new platform for bringing together people who have suffered a personal injury, with local injury lawyers who have been rated and reviewed by local people, and assessed by us.

It’s hugely beneficial to both parties, and will make the process of pursuing a compensation claim much more simple, transparent and effective.

The website has been launched by Nicholas Tate, who has a wealth of experience within the claims sector. Holding an LLM in Health Law, Nicholas worked previously as a claims advisor, but also has excellent knowledge of online marketing which led him to set up the personalinjurylawyers.co.uk website.

"Having worked for many years within the personal injury claims sector, I am well acquainted with how difficult it can be for victims of personal injury to know who to turn to should they wish to claim. There are many claims firms now on the market, many of whom do not employ correctly qualified legal practitioners to deal with claims; so we aimed to create a site that directs potential claimants towards the best personal injury solicitors local to them."

The Benefits to Clients

To find a reputable, recommended personal injury lawyer near you, all you have to do is enter your postcode and immediately we will provide you with the details of our chosen representative for your area. You can see how other local people have rated them and, if you are satisfied, you can contact them directly to help you pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to. As you contact your local solicitor directly, you have the benefit of receiving the expert advice you require straight away.

As we are a new and expanding service, there are still some towns in the UK where we do not currently have a chosen representative. To provide a better rounded service to our users, we have therefore added a complete solicitor directory to our website. If we cannot recommend an approved solicitor in your area, you will instead be presented with a full list of local solicitors to choose from. 

The Benefits to Injury Lawyers

If your application is successful and you are chosen to represent your local area, you will receive enquiries directly from interested, local people who want to make a personal injury claim. Whenever a potential client enters a postcode within your chosen locations, your details will be displayed. And unlike other claims management services who promise to put you in touch with these people, with personalinjurylawyers.co.uk there are no expensive referral fees to pay. We charge a simple and transparent monthly advertising fee.

The Legal Services Act 2007

The Legal Services Act 2007 came into full effect as of October 2011. The full effects are still unknown, but the likely outcome is that there will be more firms than ever before offering some kind of personal injury claims service, due to the relaxed laws on providing legal services that the Act enables. There is also likley to be more investment in bigger firms, making it even harder for smaller practices to compete.  

As a client, it’s hard enough to know who to call, without even more firms trying to attract your attention. So it’s more important than ever to know you’re getting a name you can trust: somebody reputable with an excellent track record on your side.

As a personal injury lawyer it means more companies competing for business, and trying to talk to clients in your area. These companies might not have your track record or expertise, but could get their name in front of potential clients before you have the chance to speak to them, purely through having a superior marketing power.

At personalinjurylawyers.co.uk we can help protect both clients and local personal injury claim lawyers, by helping to provide a more even playing field for excellent local law firms to compete in an increasingly compeitive environment.

To contact your local personal injury lawyer, simply enter your postcode into the search bar on the homepage. Alternatively, complete our online claim form and your local lawyer will call you back for a FREE, no obligation consultation.